Pulsar PG10000B16 Review: Power and Flexibility with User-Friendly Features

Pulsar PG10000B16 Portable Dual Fuel Generator










Other Users' Experience



  • Dual-fuel capability
  • Electric start
  • Switch & Go Technology
  • Long run time
  • 120/240V 50A RV outlet


  • Can be noisy
  • Can be heavy

TL;DR: The Pulsar PG10000B16 is a versatile dual-fuel generator offering impressive power at a competitive price point. While it has some minor drawbacks like its weight, its strengths, especially in power output and fuel flexibility, make it a valuable choice for many. Overall, it’s a reliable option that delivers solid value for money.

Searching for a reliable power solution? The Pulsar PG10000B16 might be a good option for you. This 10000 Watt dual-fuel generator runs on both gasoline and propane, offering flexibility in fuel choice. Whether it’s for work, recreation, or emergency backup, this generator promises robust performance.

It is a reliable choice for those seeking both power and convenience. Its innovative Switch & Go Technology allows a seamless transition between fuel sources even while the generator is running.

In this Pulsar PG10000B16 review, we’ll explore the ins and outs of this 10000 Watt generator, helping you determine if it’s the right fit for your needs. Let’s dive in!

General Rating

Here’s a detailed analysis of our primary score, the Editor’s Rating, for the Pulsar PG10000B16. This score is based on a comprehensive review of the Pulsar 10000 Watt portable generator, where we evaluated it against over 15 different criteria.

Category Rating
Editor’s Rating 8.1
Performance 8.3
Power output 8.5
Fuel efficiency and run time 9
Noise level 7.5
Convenience 7.3
Portability 6.5
Ease of Use 8
Reliability 8.4
Reliability and Durability 8.2
Emission Compliance 10
Warranty 7
Value for Money 8.7
Price 8.5
Features 9
Build Quality 8.7
User Experience 7.8

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Key Takeaways

  • The Pulsar PG10000B16 dual-fuel capability provides you with the flexibility to choose the fuel source that best suits your preferences, budget, and availability. 
  • The generator’s power output is adept at supporting a diverse range of appliances and tools.
  • Some concerns were raised about the electric start, but they are overshadowed by its overall efficiency.
  • Whether for emergency backup or regular tasks, its consistent power delivery and fuel efficiency make it a dependable choice.
  • Overall, in terms of performance, the Pulsar PG10000B16 confidently meets expectations for reliability, versatility, and endurance.

Power Output

The Pulsar PG10000B16 stands out with its commendable power output, suitable for a myriad of applications. On gasoline, it confidently delivers a peak wattage of 10,000W and a consistent running wattage of 8,000W. This substantial output can effortlessly power multiple household appliances at once or even heavy-duty tools on a construction site.

When it comes to propane, there’s a slight dip in performance, but it’s still noteworthy. The generator achieves a peak wattage of 9,000W and a running wattage of 7,000W on propane. While this is marginally lower than its gasoline counterpart, the versatility and often lower cost of propane make it an attractive alternative.

To provide a clearer understanding of the PG10000B16’s capabilities, the following table illustrates a selection of typical appliances and tools that can be powered simultaneously by this generator when operating on gasoline.

Item Running Watts Starting Watts
Refrigerator (18 cu.ft.) 800W 1600W
Portable Heater 1500W 3000W
Window Air Conditioner (10,000 BTU) 1200W 3600W
Television 200W 400W
Laptop 250W 500W
10 LED Light Bulbs 100W 200W
Microwave Oven 1000W 2000W
Total 5050W 9300W

For the technically inclined, the generator’s amperage speaks volumes about its capabilities. It delivers 66.7/33.3 amps when running on gasoline and 58.3/29.2 amps on propane at 120/240V, showcasing its ability to manage both small appliances and larger, power-intensive equipment.

Additionally, the Pulsar PG10000B16 is equipped with Automatic Voltage Regulation, a feature that ensures a steady power output and offers protection to sensitive electronics against potential voltage fluctuations. In essence, the Pulsar PG10000B16’s power output, combined with its dual-fuel versatility, makes it a reliable choice for both home backup and professional scenarios.

Run Time and Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency and run time are crucial factors for anyone considering a portable generator, as they directly impact the generator’s operational costs and convenience.  In our Pulsar PG10000B16 review, we found that this 10000W generator excels in both these areas.

Pulsar pg10000b16 fuel efficiency comparison chart
Comparison of the fuel consumption of Pulsar PG10000B16 vs other dual fuel generators in the same power range.

When it comes to fuel efficiency, the Pulsar PG10000B16 operates at 0.55 gallons per hour (GPH) at 50% load. This is notably efficient, especially when compared to the average fuel consumption of similar generators, which stands at 0.73 GPH. The Pulsar’s efficiency is even more impressive when considering the highest consumption rate in its class, which is 1.04 GPH. This means that the PG10000B16 is not only above average but is also among the best in its category.

Pulsar pg10000b16 run time comparison chart
Comparison of the run time of Pulsar PG10000B16 vs other dual fuel generators in the same power range.

Run time is another area where the Pulsar PG10000B16 shines. At 50% load, it offers a continuous operation of 12 hours. This is at the higher end of the spectrum, surpassing the average run time of 9 hours for similar generators. Some generators in its class only provide a run time of 7.5 hours at 50% load, making the Pulsar’s 12-hour run time even more commendable.

In summary, the Pulsar PG10000B16 stands out with its impressive fuel efficiency and extended run time, making it a top choice for those prioritizing operational economy and longer uninterrupted power supply.

Noise Level

Operating at 74 decibels (dBA), the Pulsar PG10000B16’s noise output is slightly above the average noise level of similar generators, which stands at 73 dBA. While it’s not the quietest option available, it’s also not the loudest. Its noise level is relatively standard for a generator of its power output and capacity.

Pulsar pg10000b16 noise level comparison chart
Comparison of the noise level of Pulsar PG10000B16 vs other dual fuel generators in the same power range.

For those in non-residential settings or where a bit of noise is not a significant concern, this generator’s noise level might be entirely acceptable. However, if a quieter operation is a priority, there are other options in the market that may be more suitable.

Overall, the Pulsar PG10000B16 offers a balanced noise output, but there’s room for improvement to match the quieter models in its category.



Key Takeaways

  • The Pulsar PG10000B16 prioritizes user-centric design and features.
  • “Switch & Go Technology” ensures seamless transitions between fuel sources, enhancing user experience.
  • A dual start-up system, with electric start and recoil backup, offers varied and reliable starting methods.
  • Despite its substantial weight, fold-down handles and never-flat wheels facilitate easier movement and storage.
  • Outlets and controls are clearly labeled, streamlining the operation process for users.
  • Overall, the Pulsar PG10000B16 emerges as a generator that has been thoughtfully designed to maximize user convenience and ease of use.


Weighing in at 209 lbs, the Pulsar PG10000B16 is undoubtedly on the heavier side for portable generators. This weight can pose challenges for individuals trying to move it without assistance. However, Pulsar has attempted to mitigate this challenge by incorporating design features to aid in its mobility.

Pulsar pg10000b16 weight comparison chart
Comparison of the weight of Pulsar PG10000B16 vs other dual fuel generators in the same power range.

The generator is equipped with 12″ Never-Flat wheels, which are designed to handle various terrains without the risk of punctures. This is a significant advantage, especially in rugged or outdoor environments. Additionally, the generator features fold-down handles, which can be beneficial for maneuvering and storage.

While these features do enhance the generator’s portability, the inherent weight of the Pulsar PG10000B16 cannot be overlooked. For users who prioritize easy mobility, lighter models might be more suitable. However, for those who value power and capacity and can manage the weight, the added design features of the Pulsar PG10000B16 will certainly come in handy.

In the context of our Pulsar 10000-watt dual fuel generator review, we rate the PG10000B16’s portability at 6.5 out of 10, considering its weight and the well-thought-out design aspects that contribute to its improved mobility. It offers some mobility advantages, but its weight is a limiting factor.

Ease of Use

The Pulsar PG10000B16 offers a user-friendly experience with features like Switch & Go Technology and clear outlet labeling. 

 The inclusion of “Switch & Go Technology” allows for a seamless transition between fuel sources even while the generator is running, eliminating the need for a shutdown and restart.

The generator also boasts an electric start with a recoil backup. This feature ensures that users have an alternative starting method in case the electric start fails or the battery is depleted. The presence of a digital meter provides real-time monitoring of the generator’s performance, helping users keep track of essential metrics.

However, some users have reported challenges with the electric start, particularly with the solenoid, which sometimes required multiple attempts or manual intervention. While this is a point of concern, the recoil backup provides a reliable alternative.

The Pulsar PG10000B16 also comes with a clear and comprehensive user manual, aiding in the setup, operation, and maintenance of the generator. The inclusion of accessories like a funnel, tool kit, propane hose, and wheel kit further simplifies the setup process for users.

Despite some minor drawbacks,  Pulsar PG10000B16’s overall design and functionality ensure a decent ease-of-use experience. 



Key Takeaways

  • The Pulsar PG10000B16 showcases robust construction, indicating a focus on long-term durability.
  • Its dual-fuel capability not only offers flexibility but also ensures consistent performance across different fuel types.
  • Users have reported reliable power delivery, even during intensive usage.
  • Safety features, such as low oil indicators and overload protection, further enhance its reliability by preventing potential damage.
  • While some users faced challenges with the electric start, the recoil backup ensures the generator remains operational.
  • Overall, when it comes to reliability, the Pulsar PG10000B16 stands as a dependable choice, designed to serve users consistently over time.

Reliability and Durability

The Pulsar PG10000B16 is designed with reliability and durability in mind, making it a dependable choice for users relying on generators during emergencies or critical tasks. 

Its solid construction with a powder-coated steel frame and the use of a robust 420 cc Ducar OHV 4-stroke engine contribute to its ability to perform consistently, even under demanding conditions. The inclusion of features like low oil indicator and low oil shutdown further safeguards the engine, preventing potential damage due to oil depletion.

While it’s essential to note that a few users have reported challenges, such as issues with the battery and starting, we want to emphasize that the manufacturer’s technical support promptly addressed these concerns.

To ensure the generator’s continued reliability and longevity, we recommend following proper maintenance practices and scheduling timely servicing. By doing so, you can optimize the generator’s performance and uphold its dependability throughout its lifespan.

Overall, with its solid construction and reliable performance, the Pulsar PG10000B16 is a solid option for those seeking a dependable generator for their power needs.

Emission Compliance

The Pulsar PG10000B16 is both EPA and CARB approved, allowing you to operate the generator in all 50 states, including California, which has some of the strictest emission standards.


The Pulsar PG10000B16 comes with a 1-year warranty. While this offers some assurance to users, it’s worth noting that certain competitors in the market provide more attractive extended warranty periods, ranging from 2 to 3 years.

Value for Money


Key Takeaways

  • The Pulsar PG10000B16 is priced competitively, positioning it as an affordable option within its category.
  • The generator’s performance and efficiency align well with its cost, ensuring users get substantial value.
  • While there are generators at lower price points, the Pulsar PG10000B16 offers a balanced blend of quality and affordability.
  • Conclusively, the Pulsar PG10000B16 offers excellent value for money, making it a worthy investment for those seeking both quality and affordability.


The Pulsar PG10000B16 offers a competitive price point in its category, making it an attractive option for those looking for a reliable generator without breaking the bank.

Pulsar pg10000b16 price comparison chart
Comparison of the price of Pulsar PG10000B16 vs other dual fuel generators in the same power range.

Positioned below the average price of generators in its category, the Pulsar PG10000B16 is an appealing choice when compared to its peers. With the lowest-priced option at $750.00 and the highest at $2,229.00, this model sits comfortably in the middle, providing a compelling proposition for potential buyers.

Considering its features, dual-fuel capability, and the value it brings to the table relative to its cost, the Pulsar PG10000B16 strikes a great balance between affordability and performance, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a dependable generator without compromising on quality.

Key Features

The Pulsar PG10000B16 boasts a range of features that enhance its functionality and appeal to a wide array of users. Here are the standout features of this generator:

  • Dual-Fuel Capability: Allows operation on either gasoline or propane, offering flexibility in fuel choice.
  • Switch & Go Technology: Enables seamless transition between fuel sources without needing to shut down the generator.
  • Electric Start with Recoil Backup: Provides ease of starting with a reliable backup option.
  • Digital Meter: Offers real-time monitoring of the generator’s performance metrics.
  • Low Oil Indicator and Shutdown: Protects the engine from potential damage due to oil depletion.
  • Multiple Outlets: Equipped with four 120V outlets, a 120V/240V twist-lock outlet, a 120/240V 50A RV port, and a 12V DC output.

Design and Build Quality

The Pulsar PG10000B16 impresses with its thoughtful design and robust construction, contributing to its longevity and performance.

Constructed with a powder-coated steel frame, this generator is built to withstand wear and tear, making it well-suited for regular use and various environmental conditions.

The generator’s layout is user-friendly, with clearly labeled outlets and controls that are easily accessible.

The inclusion of fold-down handles and 12″ Never-Flat wheels aids in its portability and storage. Nonetheless, it’s essential to consider that its weight surpasses 200 lbs, which could potentially limit portability for certain users.

Considering its sturdy construction, user-friendly design, and the minor drawback of its weight, the Pulsar PG10000B16 stands as a well-crafted machine, promising reliability and durability for a variety of applications.

Other Users’ Experience


To get a comprehensive picture of the Pulsar PG10000B16’s real-world performance, we thoroughly researched and analyzed user feedback on the generator.

Many users appreciated the generator’s dual-fuel capability, which allowed it to run on both gasoline and propane. This feature offered flexibility and a cost-effective fuel option, especially when using propane. Additionally, users reported that the generator could power a range of household appliances efficiently. Some even mentioned being able to run essential items for up to 18 hours on a full tank of gasoline, highlighting its power and efficiency.

The majority of users found the Pulsar PG10000B16 to offer good value for its price, considering its features and performance, which was a positive aspect.

However, there were areas of negative feedback as well. A common concern among users was the electric start, with some facing challenges, particularly with the solenoid. This led to multiple attempts or manual intervention being required to start the generator, which was an inconvenience.

Another issue mentioned by some users was related to support delays from the manufacturer. Some experienced long wait times in receiving support or replacement parts, and a few even received incorrect parts initially, which further prolonged the process.

Despite being labeled as ‘portable,’ some users found the generator’s weight to be challenging, making it difficult to move around, even with the included wheels and handles.

In conclusion, while the Pulsar PG10000B16 received praise for its dual-fuel capability, power, and value for money, there were areas that needed improvement, particularly in customer support and the reliability of the electric start. With attention to these aspects, the Pulsar PG10000B16 has the potential to become a top-tier choice for those seeking a reliable and versatile backup power solution.

Pulsar PG10000B16 Alternatives

If you’re considering the Pulsar PG10000B16 portable generator, two commendable alternatives worth exploring are the Westinghouse WGen9500DF and the DuroMax XP12000EH dual-fuel generators. Check our guide on the best dual-fuel generators for more options.

Westinghouse WGen9500DF

The Westinghouse WGen9500DF is an excellent choice, offering the same dual-fuel capability as the Pulsar, enabling it to run on both gasoline and propane for added flexibility. It delivers a power output of 9,500 running watts on gasoline and 8,550 on propane, which closely aligns with the Pulsar’s performance range. Noteworthy features like remote start, a durable cast iron sleeve, and a built-in fuel gauge enhance the user experience. For more in-depth info on this generator,  check our WGen9500DF review.

DuroMax XP12000EH

If you seek even more power, the DuroMax XP12000EH is another compelling contender in the same class. Like the Pulsar, it offers the advantage of dual-fuel flexibility but surpasses the Pulsar in power, boasting 12,000 starting watts and 9,500 running watts on gasoline. Safety features such as low oil shutoff and surge protection are integrated into its design, ensuring secure operation. If you require detailed information about this generator, feel free to read our review of the DuroMax XP12000EH.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Pulsar 10000W Dual Fuel Generator


  • Dual-Fuel Capability: The ability to run on both gasoline and propane offers users flexibility and can lead to cost savings, especially when propane is more affordable.
  • High Power Output: With 10,000 peak watts on gasoline, it’s capable of powering multiple heavy-duty appliances simultaneously.
  • Switch & Go Technology: This feature allows users to switch between fuel sources even while the generator is running, ensuring uninterrupted power.
  • Extended Run Time: On gasoline, it offers up to 12 hours of continuous operation at half load, which is impressive for its class.
  • Electric Start: The inclusion of an electric start makes starting the generator quick and effortless, enhancing user convenience.
  • Variety of Outlets: The generator comes equipped with multiple outlets, including four 120V outlets, a 120V/240V twist-lock outlet, and a 120/240V 50A RV port, catering to a wide range of power needs.


  • Can be a bit heavy: Although labeled as ‘portable’, its weight of 209 lbs can make it challenging to move, especially on uneven terrains.
  • Can be noisy: At 74 dBA, the generator might be perceived as noisy in quiet environments.

Features and Specifications

Product Name Pulsar PG10000B16
Brand Pulsar Products
Inverter No
Parallel capable No
RV ready No
Fuel Dual Fuel (gasoline/propane)
Engine 420 cc Ducar OHV 4-stroke
Starting system Recoil, Electric
Warranty 1 year
Voltage AC: 120/240V 60 Hz, DC: 12V
Running watts (gasoline) 8,000 W
Starting watts (gasoline) 10,000 W
Running amps (@120/240V) (gasoline) 66.7/33.3 amps
Peak amps (@120/240V) (gasoline) 83.3/41.7 amps
Run time @50% load (gasoline) 12 h
Run time @25% load (gasoline) Unknown
Running watts (propane) 7,000 W
Starting watts (propane) 9,000 W
Running amps (@120/240V) (propane) 58.3/29.2 amps
Peak amps (@120/240V) (propane) 75/37.5 amps
Run time @50% load (propane) 6 h *
Run time @25% load (propane) Unknown
GFCI outlets No
Covered outlets No
Automatic Voltage Regulation Yes
AC outlets 2x Duplex 120V 20A (5-20R), 1x 120/240V 30A (L14-30R), 1x 120/240V 50A (14-50R)
DC outlets 1x 12V 8A output
Data center VFT
Indicators No
Fuel tank Steel, 8 gal
Fuel gauge Yes
Weight 209 lbs
Approx. dimensions (L x W x H) 28.5 x 21.8 x 23 in
Noise (lower limit) 74 dBA
THD Unknown
Compliance EPA, CARB
Security Low oil and overload protection
Spark arrestor Yes
Neutral Bonded to frame
Accessories included Funnel, tool kit, propane hose, battery, and wheel kit
UPC 814726022464
GPH @ 50% 0.55
GPH @ 25% Unknown

Is Pulsar Products a good generator brand?

Pulsar Products is a brand that has steadily made its mark in the power generation industry. Originating from Ontario, California, the company has been dedicated to paving the way in the design and development of generators, pressure washers, and other power equipment. Their commitment to innovation is evident in the diverse range of products they offer, each tailored to meet specific user needs, from homeowners to adventurers to professionals.

One of the standout features of Pulsar Products is their emphasis on creating products that strike a balance between performance and affordability. This approach has allowed them to cater to a broad spectrum of users, ensuring that quality power solutions are accessible to many. Their dedication to customer satisfaction, combined with their continuous drive for innovation, has positioned them as a reliable name in the industry. While every brand has its strengths and areas of improvement, Pulsar’s consistent delivery of value-packed products makes them a commendable choice for those in search of dependable power solutions.

To learn more about the company and its best performing generators, check out our detailed Pulsar generator review.

Who Should Buy the Pulsar 10000W Portable Generator?

The Pulsar PG10000B16 is an ideal choice for individuals and businesses seeking a versatile and powerful generator. Its dual-fuel capability makes it especially suitable for those who want the flexibility to switch between gasoline and propane, depending on availability and cost.

With its robust power output, it’s perfect for construction sites where multiple tools need to run simultaneously, homeowners requiring emergency backup during power outages, or event organizers needing to power lighting, food stalls, and other equipment.

Its extended run time also makes it a reliable option for RV enthusiasts and campers who require sustained power for appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators.

However, this generator might not be the best fit for those who prioritize ultra-quiet operation, given its noise level, or for individuals who need a highly portable solution due to its weight. It’s also not the most suitable for small recreational activities where a lighter, more compact generator would suffice.

Conclusion: Is It Worth Buying Pulsar PG10000B16?

In our comprehensive Pulsar PG10000B16 review, we found this generator to be an exceptional combination of power, versatility, and value. One standout feature is its dual-fuel capability, which grants you the flexibility to choose between fuel sources – a definite advantage in various situations. With its high power output, you can rely on it for a range of tasks, from powering essential household appliances during outages to running multiple tools on a job site.

However, like any product, it’s not without its drawbacks. Some users have pointed out challenges with the electric start, and its weight might make it less portable for some. But, when you consider its price point in relation to its features and the overall positive feedback from users, the Pulsar PG10000B16 emerges as a strong contender in its category.

In conclusion, if you’re in the market for a reliable, powerful, and versatile generator that offers good value for money, the Pulsar PG10000B16 is certainly worth considering. However, always ensure it aligns with your specific needs and preferences before making a purchase.

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